simple to make as well as prepared in 10 minutes, this delish side meal o’ grains is SO good. I’ve been making it lately, instead of rice, whenever I make fish as well as veggies.

It’s a dried mix of pearl couscous, red as well as eco-friendly orzo, garbanzo beans as well as red quinoa, so you get a great blend of soft as well as firm textures. directions on the bag, however basically, pour it into a pot of boiling water with a bit of butter, wait 10 minutes as well as devour.



There’s a bit of flavor (tastes a tad like barley), however it’s not the primary course, you know? The flavor shouldn’t overpower a protein or something else served with it.

It’s likewise a excellent starting point for a side salad. I like to add chopped mango (which you can discover in the frozen food aisle at TJ’s), slivered almonds, dried cranberries as well as a bit olive oil.

If it looks yummy to you, it must be in the aisle with the pastas as well as rice at your TJ’s.