lower lash liner by MAC Powerline; feline woman sweatshirt by Target
Свитер? What, this old thing? Тебе нравится? Yeah, it’s from Target, as well as no, one does not have to be feline consumed to wear it with feline eyeliner. In fact, if you are a feline woman makeup lover, it truly assists drive house the point.

I have a special location in my heart for feline eyeliner (and feline sweaters)…


This quite much sums up our entire relationship
A huge part of this feline liner look, obvs, is the liner flick action on the upper lash lines, however what about the lower lash lines? What should we do there?

I suppose we might leave ’em bare, however where’s the fun in that?

Muted gold MAC Powerline
One method to infuse your lower lash as well as water lines with more meow is to line them with gold liner. Lately, to wear with my feline eye liner looks, I’ve been loving on MAC’s pro Longwear Eye liner in Powerline ($19.50). It adds just a bit oomph without overpowering the whole look (I mean, since you don’t want to take away from that sweater, you know?).


Кошки и макияж Толстовка ??

$ 42.

Магазин сейчас

MAC pro Longwear liner Swatches from the left: definitely Black Devotion, strong Willed as well as Powerline

Like, if MAC sent Powersurge Eye Kohl away to boot camp, it would come back as MAC Powerline, totally ripped as well as able to do one-armed push-ups as well as wrestle Terminators, Sarah Connor-style.

Like a somewhat darker Powersurge, Powerline has a shimmery golden bronze thing going on, however it’s likewise a tad softer as well as smoother than Powersurge as well as glides more quickly along my lower lash as well as water lines.

Weartime? From 6-7 hours. Pigment? Интенсивный! (I only requirement 1-2 layers.)

If you’re prepared to raise your feline lady-ness to unmatched levels, try integrating Powerline along your lower lash as well as water lines the next time you wear a feline eyeliner look…and don’t be surprised if you begin pawing at yo’ hot self when you look in the mirror.


Check out MAC Powerline purring now on MAC counters, in stores as well as online.

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