The MAC Brooke Shields Gravitas combination ($85), from the MAC Brooke Shields collection
I can state with the utmost sincerity that I have never been this ecstatic to wear MAC Soft Brown.

And I like Soft Brown! It’s one of my all-time biggest hits, a lot of liked staples, as well as I’ve been using it for years. I’m always delighted to see Soft brown staring back at me as I get prepared in the morning.


Now, though? next to so lots of other dope-@ss neutral eyeshadows in the $85 MAC Brooke Shields Gravitas palette? The impossible has happened: I like Soft brown even more.

“But,” you may be thinking, “slow your roll, wonderful thang.” We’re speaking about an $85 palette. An $85 neutral palette. one more neutral palette.

I know, you’re right. a lot more neutrals, as well as $85 is a lot, however it’s half what MAC normally charges for their 15-pan palettes (those are $160).


Кошки и макияж Толстовка ??

$ 42.

Магазин сейчас

Here’s the thing, though: if Gravitas were a gymnast, it would have best poise as well as balance. It would quickly win a gold medal.

And to attempt an even complete stranger metaphor, if there were such a thing as an eyeshadow combination soulmate, Brook Shields would be mine, since I like nearly whatever about Gravitas. I feel like, eyeshadow-wise, it has whatever I need.

Well…almost everything, however I’ll get to that in a minute.

Definitely, Gravitas consists of excellent daily fundamental shades, like Soft Brown, Shroom, Carbon as well as Satin Taupe, however that’s far from whatever it has to offer. It likewise has an fascinating combination of warm- as well as cool-toned khaki, plum, gold as well as pink shades, which together with the basics, open up a world of sophisticated eye look possibilities that don’t necessarily include me appearing like I’m using a sh*t-ton of makeup at lunch on a Tuesday.

Top Row: Pretty, Soft Brown, costly PInk, Clove as well as Satin Taupe
Middle Row: Canter, Luscious, Antiqued, Psyche as well as Carbon
Bottom Row: Shroom, Persuade, Plummed, Lofty as well as Pepper

And the addition of the darker gray, black as well as purple eyeshadows provides Gravitas even a lot more flexibility. When I want to gown up like a sparkly disco roller diva as well as trip my glittery unicorn Giselle, I can apply one these colors in the crease, the outer corner as well as on my lower lash line. then just add a pair of falsies as well as go.

Wearing Gravitas on my eyes, theBalm on my cheeks (Bahama mom Bronzer, Frat kid blush as well as Cindy Lou-manizer) as well as MAC Brooke Shields Lipglass in Artful on my lips

My greatest quibble — as well as this is me being persnickety — is with the lack of lighter, matte brow bone colors.

But that’s hella persnickety. I mean, a pan of Brule would’ve taken Gravitas to install Olympus-caliber for me, however no huge deal.

Other than that, I believe Gravitas is frickin’ perfect. The textures, wear time as well as formula all seem on par with MAC’s long-term shades, as well as with a primer, they last all the time long on my combination dry as well as oily lids.

С гущевой массой Mac для масштаба …
Now for the huge bad: availability. At this point, discovering Gravitas on the internet is a bit like discovering a leprechaun or pirate treasure. In other words, it’s hard.

It still shows “SOLD OUT” on the MAC web site and, according to a MAC rep I chatted with on the internet a couple days ago, will most likely stay that method online. If you want it, you’ll most likely have much better luck calling and/or checking out a MAC store or counter as soon as possible. This one’s in huge demand, deservedly.

PRICE: $85
AVAILABILITY: restricted edition, as well as “allegedly” offered now at MAC stores as well as counters with the rest of the MAC Brooke Shields collection
MAKEUP as well as appeal blog RATING: A+

Of program I selected the hot pink one…

Ура! My new CW-X running bra arrived. Gotta like that overnight shipping from Zappos.

Thanks for all the excellent sports bra suggestions for runners. If this doesn’t work out, as well as I hope it does ’cause — crap! — I just threw down $60 for an over-the-shoulder-bolder-holder, at least I understand I have other options.

Hopefully the CW-X gets me on the path to that no-chafe life. I’ll understand by Saturday, since I delayed my tomorrow run to provide myself one a lot more day to heal.

Honestly, I don’t understand exactly how marathoners as well as triathletes offer with all the aches as well as pains. A half marathon is sufficient drama for me.

I gotta say, my preferred part of the training is the carbo-loading, haha.



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