The new too faced The little Black book of Bronzers ($139)
OOH! I love coffee table books…

Wait — what’s that? It’s not a coffee table book, you say? It’s actually a limited edition $139 collectible palette with eight beststelling too faced powder bronzers inside?


Well I’ll be darned… From the outside it looks like a gigantic coffee table book, which is actually kind of ironic, because it’s called The little Black book of Bronzers.

Little, it is not.



Кошки и макияж Толстовка ??

$ 42.

Магазин сейчас

If for some unknown reason I were forced to unexpectedly go incognito, I could just hide behind it because the thing is literally bigger than my head.

In the event you need to hide…

Yeah, this is probably not the kind of thing you take on a weekend jaunt, but if you did, you’d have all of your too faced bronzers with you in a single place, all nicely marked and arranged. You wouldn’t have to rut around in your makeup bag, which is what I normally end up doing.

Like any good book, this one has a compelling story…

A story of bronzers and adventure starring you.

In one chapter, it’s Friday, and you’re wearing beach Bunny and playing hooky from work. In another, you’re wearing chocolate Soleil on the day you give your career-changing presentation in front of the board.

Later that night, you wear Bronzed & Poreless on your date with that certain kid (or girl).

** SPOILER ALERT** This book is an online exclusive, so you won’t find it on bookshelves or stores. expect a very limited supply at, and in May.

As pricey as it sounds, the book actually represents a significant savings, as too faced bronzers are usually $30 a pop, so if you were to get all eight of these individually (they’re all from the permanent line), you’d be checking out $240, versus the $139 the book costs.

That’s a savings of $101, and all of the pans in it are full size.

There’s a good mix of mattes and shimmers here, and all eight bronzers seem to have the same texture, finish and wear time I’m used to from the brand.

The bronzers in the book…

Endless summer 16-Hour Long-Wear Bronzer: A universal bronze with a subtle shimmer that lasts all day

Sun Bunny: A split pan with a warm silky gold on one side and a pinkish bronze on the other; when you mix the two together you get a natural glow without any orange undertones.

Milk chocolate Soleil: absolutely smells like chocolate, yum! A matte light brown bronzer suited for pale to medium skin tones.

Chocolate Soleil: another yummy chocolate scented bronzer. A matte bronzer for medium to deep skin tones.

Sun Bunny: mix the four shades in this bronzer — which has a golden bronze, delicate pink, white and fawn shimmer — for a healthy glow. I use this as a highlighter.

Bronzed & Poreless: A matte medium bronze that minimizes the look of pores.

Pink Leopard: A bronze with golden pink shimmer. works terrific as either a blush or highlighter.

Beach Bunny: like a warmer, a lot more golden version of Snow Bunny, this bronzer has four illuminating shades — a bronze, a soft peach, golden ivory and golden tan

The size absolutely makes this un-travel-friendly, but that’s not really the point. If you’ve been waiting for something big — literally substantial — to make the jump to using bronzers on a regular basis, and you want a lot to choose from, check out the book.

Also…it’s cute! I like how when you open it, there are descriptions with little drawings of different places and scenarios where you could wear each of the bronzers.

Swatches from the left: sun Bunny, Milk chocolate Soleil, chocolate Soleil and Snow Bunny
Swatches from the left: Bronzed & Poreless, Pink Leopard, beach Bunny and limitless Summer
Great for makeup-loving writers, perhaps…

It really does look like a cute coffee table book.


Oh, and don’t tell Tabs, but I’m crushing pretty hard on the teeny pup in the corner, awww!

Cutest little pup ever!
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