using two layers of the new NARS Unlawful blush on my cheeks

KAREN: Hello?



KAREN: Hey… (?)

MYSTERY CALLER: What are you doing?


Кошки и макияж Толстовка ??

$ 42.

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KAREN: Um…well, I have a wicked bout of insomnia ideal now, however what else is new?

MYSTERY CALLER: Damn, that sucks.

KAREN: as well as in spite of the truth that it’s better to dawn than dusk, I’m playing with some new autumn makeup from NARS.


KAREN: I know! I really just used a new blush of theirs called Unlawful — wait, who is this, as well as why are you calling me in the middle of the night?

MYSTERY CALLER: Well, that’s for me to understand as well as for you to discover out.

KAREN: OK, that was creepy…

MYSTERY CALLER: Wait, don’t hang up on me. depend on me, you’re a fan.

KAREN: Alright… OK, well, this is absolutely weird, though, however what the heck. It’s the middle of the night, as well as I’ve undoubtedly got insomnia, so I may also just opt for it.

MYSTERY CALLER: Yes! Now, about that blush… I want to hear all about it.

KAREN: Uh, huh… have I pointed out exactly how absolutely weird this is?


KAREN: Right… however I’m not one to pass up an chance to talk about makeup, even if it is with a secret caller in the middle of the night.

So, Unlawful. It’s a genuine showstopper — a warm-toned opalescent bronzed amber pink packed with small flecks of silver glitter, as well as it’s extremely pigmented, too.

That NARS made a decision to add silver shine to it seems type of unusual, since as warm as it is, I would have expected NARS to opt for gold instead.

But the silver works. There’s just a great deal of it.

OK, a ton.

You can’t truly tell in pics, however you get up close as well as it’s a overall glitter-fest.

I mean, the flecks are nearly microscopic. They’re truly tiny, which keeps the shade from delving into tacky territory, however it’s great. With this, you truly don’t even requirement a highlighter.

NARS Unlawful Blush, $30
Ultimately, it depends on exactly how you feel about glitter. It’s all truly subtle in pics, however it’s like, “Hey, exactly how YOU doin’?” in genuine life.

MYSTERY CALLER: A buddy of mine told me that Unlawful is from the new autumn night Caller collection? Это правильно?

KAREN: It is. I always look ahead to the NARS autumn — wait, can you hold on a second? My feline just walked into the room, as well as if I don’t pick him up as well as show him some interest he’ll throw a fit.

Come here, Tabs.

MYSTERY CALLER: Take your time…

KAREN: Anyway, the autumn collection is dope! ten pieces. together with the blush, there are a couple of eyeshadow duos, two Satin Lip Pencils, a new several and, oh! — a new line of glittery eyeliners based on the NARS night series eyeshadows.

Do you understand those?

MYSTERY CALLER: Actually, no. Frankly, I understand a lot more about acting than I understand about eyeshadow.

Unlawful Blush

KAREN: Acting, huh? Your voice seems a bit familiar…

MYSTERY CALLER: You were stating about the NARS night series eyeshadows?

KAREN: Oh, right. Yeah, the night Series. They’re like a line of incredibly glittery specialty eyeshadow singles in the long-term line.

My preferred one is called night Star, as well as it looks incredibly quite as a laundry on the lids or as a highlight for your brow bone.

Wait — am I getting as well technical?

MYSTERY CALLER: No, keep going.

KAREN: Actually, dude, this is getting as well weird for me. You have to tell me who you are now or I’m hanging up. as well as why do you want to understand about Unlawful blush?

Additional makeup used in this look: NARS Jarden Perdu Duo Eyeshadow, night Bird eyeliner as well as Bansar Satin Lip Pencil — all from the new autumn 2014 collection; as well as Nails are NARS nail polish in Thasos (two layers)
From the left, swatches of the extra NARS autumn products used in this look: Jardin Perdu Duo Eyeshadow, night Bird eyeliner as well as Bansar Satin Lip Pencil
MYSTERY CALLER: Well, I understand a few starlets who may like it. Let’s see, there’s Eva, Sandra, Michelle, Rachel, Emma…


KAREN: holy EFFING CRAPPITY CRAP! Ryan!? Это ты? Is this Ryan Gosling?!


KAREN: Calling me to talk about blush in the middle of the night!?


KAREN: I’m either dreaming ideal now, or my insomnia is much worse than I thought.

– конец –

The NARS night Caller Collection
Fall is calling! — as well as obviously it’s calling in the middle of the night.


The 10-piece NARS night Caller autumn 2014 collection of restricted edition as well as long-term collection pieces arrives July 15 to NARS boutiques as well as on the internet (August 1 at Sephora stores as well as NARS counters) consisting of Сочетание сильных, а также нежных цветов, с аметистом, розовым кварцем, голубями серыми, а также шоколадными оттенками на крышках; Глубокие, блестящие вкладыши на линии ресниц; Теплые красные на губах, а также мерцающие розовые щеки.

Коллекция Nars New Caller Outer 2014 включает в себя …

Duo Duo Duo Duo, металлический голубей, серый, в паре с металлическим аметистом. 35 $, ограниченное издание.

Доломиты Duo Eyeshadow, блестящий повышенный кварц в паре с шоколадом. 35 $, ограниченное издание.

Bansar сатин для губ, розовый коричневый. 25 долларов, постоянные.

Мондор сатинированной губы карандаш, клюква. 25 долларов, ограниченное издание.

Мавритание матовая множественная, клубника красная. 39 долларов, ограниченное издание.

Ночная подводка для глаз, черный с кобальтом голубой жемчужиной. 24 доллара, постоянный.

Ночной животной подводка для глаз, черный с фиолетовой жемчугом. 24 доллара, постоянный.

Ночная клубная глазная подводка, черный с золотой жемчужиной. 24 доллара, постоянный.

Подводка для глаз Ночного Портера, черный с экологически чистым жемчугом. 24 доллара, постоянный.

Незаконный румянец, янтарный розовый с серебряными жемчугами. 30 долларов, постоянный.

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