one of the notes I’ve been composing to myself. The liner is metropolitan Decay Glide-On in Abyss, which is bulletproof!
I may noise like a damaged record…especially when I say, “I may noise like a damaged record,” which is a phrase I understand I utilize all the time, however I believe it’s crucial to be open about taking care of one’s mental health. I understand the holidays can be a stressful time, so right here are a few things on my “Positivity Playlist” at the moment, in situation you requirement a bit assist this week.

Time for some electrical energy on repeat…


I’ve discussed a few of this before, however when I was going to therapy a couple years back (just needed somebody to speak to about work, life, self-doubt, motherhood, loneliness, aging), one of the things my therapist as well as I talked about was conscientiously trying to see the proverbial glass as half full, rather than half empty, as well as exactly how it can take a great deal of work often to see the world in a positive light.

I still believe about this all the time because, depending as well as on exactly how I’m feeling, it’s either truly simple for me to feel positive as well as grateful for the things I have in my life (even though it’s far from perfect), or it’s truly hard, let’s be honest. Some days I feel like everything’s a sh*t show, as well as I can’t manage it.

One of the most practical methods I’ve come across for me has been actively acknowledging that when I feel that “life is a sh*t show” feeling coming on, I freely acknowledging it to myself.


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You understand exactly how you can odor the rain coming before it happens? It’s a bit like that. When I begin to feel that feeling creeping up on me, I acknowledge it, acknowledge it (“Oh, right here we go!), as well as then turn to my positivity toolbox.

Pretty sure I’ve pointed out all of these things before, however right here they are again:

I make it a point to do a bit additional cardio, whether it’s jogging, walking or doing a workout DVD or YouTube video, since those endorphins truly do assist me a lot.

I try to get some additional rest by going to bed early.

I leave myself encouraging, positive notes anywhere — Post-its, on mirrors, on my wrists. Side note: The notes are normally written with an metropolitan Decay 24/7 Glide-on Eye Pencil, LOL!

I listen to tunes that make me wanna step my booty as well as dance around (see below).

I terminate up a Ted Talk on positive thinking.

Something right here normally makes me feel better. They absolutely don’t make me feel worse.

Here’s what’s on my Positivity Playlist ideal now…


I hope this can assist you in some way, too, even if it’s just to get your heart pumping as well as your body moving.

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